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Spiritual Wellness


Spiritual wellness has to do with overall physical fitness. This service is integrated into the program based on client request. It is a term used to capture a person’s overall spiritual health and reflects how spirituality can aid in coping with and enjoying life. Pilates is an exercise method in which people find new connections between body, mind and spirit. I know I do! It becomes an organic and holistic experience and I want to share that with all of you! 

Strengthening and toning the muscles is important to maintain for overall skeletal muscle health. Similarly, I believe that it is equally critical to strengthen our spirituality at the core of our hearts to be able to face all kinds of challenges. It takes character, integrity, honesty, and patience to understand others and to be the best version of ourselves, which can only be accomplished by looking within ourselves and building important connections within the soul.

After all, what good is it to have a super fit body if our Temple- The Body is empty of God?

Taking the time to build our faith and our spirits along with our physical strength can be a wonderful addition to your life.

What gives meaning to your personal interiority? The term spirituality may be used more specifically to refer to the practice of a philosophy, religion, or way of living. Spirituality has two primary expressions:

Human expression: Refers to the essential core of the individual. Includes activities that strengthen self and build healthy relationships. The arts, for example are a great expression of our humanity and it serves as an outlet to express the feelings at the core of one’s soul.


Some examples may include commitment to family, love of life, love for a faith, a style of exercise, artistic expression through visual, music and dance.


Religious Expression: Refers to the application of faith. Includes activities that connect one to the Divine, God, and the supernatural.

  • Examples include prayer, worship, and participation in the sacraments.

  • How you use your spiritual expression is personal and your given right.

I truly believe that your spiritual fitness is typically healthier and stronger if you practice your faith, beliefs, and other activities that support your spirituality in all aspects of your life. The combination of physical fitness alongside spiritual fitness will give you a great balance! Whatever you practice, do it with love and kindness.

So with all that said your overall health equals = a healthy and balanced –physical and spiritual fitness along with good nutrition!

Spiritual Fitness Workshops

These workshops are designed to share the power of scripture, reflections, prayer and the gift of movement through different kinds of exercise such as Pilates mat, Pilates Barre, Dance styles for expressive movement, improvisation based on scriptural prompts, worship dance, or simply walks of prayer.

For the workshops that are dance based, the style of dance introduced is  modern and contemporary dance techniques for worship and praise; NO technical dance background is required to participate in these workshops. The ONLY criteria is:

  • An open heart

  • An open mind to movement exploration for discovery

  • No judgement towards yourself or others but acceptance!

  • Feel comfortable being uncomfortable

  • Sometimes you may feel weird or silly, but the objective is to have fun with movement

  • Most importantly praise God with your heart and soul


These forms of exercise or movement experiences have been enriching and changing many peoples’ lives, because the approach is from a place of gratitude and praise to God for all the blessings we have despite the challenges we face.


The faith based workshops offer many benefits: self restoration, service to others with encouragement and community.


These workshops have an artistic approach and I have designed them to promote the: ‘Art of Movement for Overall Healing’


I truly believe based on my own personal experiences, that ‘Movement for healing & healing through movement’ is the way to a healthier lifestyle and will promote a physical, emotional and spiritual balance.

Book your workshop, conference session, small group class or your private session today!

"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."

George Bernard Shaw

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