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Meet Ana

Ana Bolt Turrall is originally from Nicaragua, grew up in Spain and immigrated to the USA with her family 37 years ago. She is a professional movement artist who continuously spends time refining her craft combining the art of dance and fitness with her heart for service. She is an adjunct professor at FSCJ, teaching Humanities for the performing arts; Ana finds inspiration in her faith, family and volunteering. She strengthens her clients with functional programs that lead to a healthy movement lifestyle and find a holistic balance with the mind, body and spirit to enjoy life to the fullest. Her signature ‘The Bolt Movement’ introduces people to programs that advocate longevity and creative outlets. Her expertise includes working with movers of all ages and levels. Athletes, Golf enthusiasts, individuals with Parkinson's Disease, children with Down Syndrome, as well as competitive dancers have benefited from her guidance and mentoring. Presently Ana owns a Pilates home studio and program inside of Definition Gym in San Marco Blvd, Jacksonville. 

She is a comprehensive certified Polestar® Pilates CPT and a National Certified Pilates Teacher NCPT®; Ana is certified in dance and physical education for grades K-12 with the Florida Department of Education, holds a BFA, Master’s in Fine Arts and continued education courses from the University of Miami School of Communications. Her movement vocabulary and repertoire include the Active Isolated Stretching AIS method, pre-and post-rehabilitation Pilates programs for ‘Teachers Perspective of Lower Extremity Pathologies and Joint Replacements,’ Oov™ fundamentals and pilates apparatus, TRX suspension system, the Eric Franklin Method, the Konnector® with Viktor Uygan and classes in the Feldenkrais method. Other credits include Low Pressure Fitness Certification from the International Hypopressive & Physical Therapy Institute.

Ana Bolt Turrall certified pilates instructor
certified pilates intructor
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Ana’s invitational performances include the Theology of the Body Congress 2019-2022 in Spanish; featured speaker on the topic “The Temple of God--The Body in the Performing Arts Industry”; The Bolt Movement was commissioned in 2017 to present, “The Vessels of Grace & The Graces of Aging,” Canada workshops in 2017–February 2020. She works for Périfmédia, a Canadian company as an artistic consultant and choreographer. Professional performances include: Wings to Fly Dance Co., Dance Now Ensemble, Florida Grand Opera, Rosita Segovia Dance Co., Aire Flamenco, Pioneer Collective, Florida Dance Festivals, ‘Eat your Poem’ with Marie Whitman. In 2022, Ana volunteered and created a Children's Dance Program for  the community through Saint Patrick’s Catholic Church to raise funds for those in need. Volunteer initiatives that are close to her heart are supporting veterans and survivors of domestic abuse. As a survivor of domestic abuse herself, she advocates and volunteers to help improve the lives of other survivors.

Ana has been honored with two teacher-of-the-year nominations and received the ‘Teacher of the Year Award ’ in 2008 in Miami Beach, Florida; She received the ‘Hispanic Artist of the Year Award’ for her contributions in Arts Education in 2011 by the City of Miami Beach, and the Visionary Award in 2012 from MiamiArtzine. Her dedication to reach kids in different ways got Ana ‘Track and Field Coach of the Year’ in 2012 and 2013. Her leadership, training and coaching, have prepared many students to attend prestigious schools such as Juilliard, Ailey/Fordham University, New World School of the Arts in Miami, Boston Conservatory, FSU, Broadway Theatre Project, Miami City Ballet, Florida Ballet School and Tisch School of the Arts at NYU.


Movement Space

As a collaborator with Definition Fitness, clients have access to a state of the art gym and equipment, located in the heart of San Marco!

definition fitness
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