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Empowered Healing: Navigating Domestic Abuse with Faith, Dance, and Pilates as My Pillars of Strength

I reflect on the journey that brought me here, a journey marked by the harrowing experiences of domestic abuse. There were moments when anger towards God consumed me, and the weight of depression threatened to drown my spirit. Yet, amidst the darkness, my faith emerged stronger than ever before.

During those bleak times, I stumbled upon pilates, a newfound solace that became my lifeline. I discovered that medication wasn’t the sole answer to battling depression; instead, movement through pilates exercises became my therapy. Returning to dance, a passion I thought I had lost forever, ignited a spark within me and saved my life.

Despite being told I would never dance again, I stand today, resilient and unwavering, a testament to the strength found within. My advice to fellow survivors echoes the path I’ve trodden: don’t solely rely on pharmaceuticals for healing. Seek solace in faith and find a discipline, whether it be artistic or creative, to channel your pain into purpose.

In my journey of healing, I’ve found profound fulfillment in serving others. Volunteering in my community has not only aided in my recovery but has also allowed me to extend a hand to those in similar situations. I urge women to listen to that inner voice, to believe in the possibility of transformation, and to embrace the version of themselves waiting to emerge.

If you find yourself navigating the aftermath of trauma, know that you’re not alone. Join me at the Bolt Movement for pilates and support, where together, we can embark on a journey of healing and restoration. Remember, there’s still music left to play, and your story is far from over. Book today a free consultation to start your healing journey.

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Feb 17

Thank you for all that you do for your community and everyone around you. Your carisma, dedication, and compassion is like no other. You are truly amazing 🙏



Feb 16

Grateful for you, Ana! You bring so much compassion to your clients and meet them where they are. 🙏🏼

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